Denali cycling

Hey guys, I’m Yuya from Japan.

Thank you for reading every time.

This article is part7 of my travel and adventure in Alaska.

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conversation in Japanese

Good morning!

I met a man who is from Australia.

His name is De〇〇〇〇…

Sorry, though I could hear his name, I don’t know spelling of his name.

Road condition was so good.

Alaska is nice to cycle.

Surprisingly, they spoke to me in Japanese.

They had been studying Japanese for 2yrs.

Their Japanese was so good!

I had not thought I spoke Japanese in Alaska.

From left to right, Jim, T.J. and C.J.

I’m sorry if I spell your name incorrectly.

My English isn’t good.

They are hunter. At that day, they went to Denali Hwy to hunt caribous.

I talked about me and the plan to cycle on the Dalton Hwy.

They disagreed with the cycling on the Dalton Hwy because of the terrible road condition and many trailers.

But that’s not all.

They also tauhgt me that there are many animals on the Dalton Hwy, for example, Grisley Bears, Polar Bears, caribous, mousses and so on.

They are good hunter, who know many things.

You can know them from here.

Check “thealaskadream”!!!

One of my best place in Alaska

It is difficult to take pictures of myself.


I’m not convinced, but I made this picture a success.

Great view in Alaska Range.

I’m facing south on the bridge.

Alaska Railway

I’m facing north on the bridge.

This view of the bridge and the railway is my favorite.

a scraped caravan
A river flows through the coniferous forest.It’s a nice view.
Why do you think I were taking so many pictures in this area?

Because it was been a while since I saw a meadow.

“In the back of the grassland, a conifer forest, and the mountains of the Alaska Range…the best.”

long straight road…cool!!!!
but…the head wind,ohh…
Take a picture with a wide-angle lense.
Photographing with telephotographic lens.

to be continued

I reached Cantwell.

And I ate a hotdog.
It looks rain.

Thank you for reading!

Japanese version


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